Imagine… you have the purest, most delicious gelato in town… but you don’t have a brand that will do it justice. What you need is something fresh, youthful, fun. A brand that will attract people to your shop from the outside, so they can discover what hides on the inside. And what hides on the inside is the best gelato they’ve ever tasted!

First, a logo that reflects the product itself. Simple, geometric shapes make for a logo that’s clean and fresh, but eye-catching. What else is clean and fresh? Their gelato of course.

Second, the colours. A light blue that’s cool and refreshing on a hot Summer day, combined with an inviting light orange and peach palette.

Third, the application of the brand on paper cups and ice cream holders. Simple, understated, with a touch of playfulness, so as to compliment but not distract from the real star of the show: the scoops of gelato.

Three steps to get the well-hidden secret of Pure Gelato out into the world… and get it the recognition it deserves.

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