Somerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC) is an organization located in Ottawa’s Chinatown, that provides health and social services to residents of the area. When it was time to publish their 2018 - 2019 Annual Report, they wanted something that would be inviting and easy to read for visitors of the Centre. Something that they would want to read and take home with them next time they visited. 

The Annual Report:

We decided to create a folding, 4 panel brochure-style Annual Report, which can be easily displayed for visitors to take as they go. Colours, pictures and graphics are used to create interest and attract readers. The green colour of the SWCHC brand is used for the pages in alternating tones. Pictures accompany the copy to provide a visual as well as break up large pieces of text, providing an easy and enjoyable reading experience that conveys important information without becoming too text-heavy. Numbers and figures are displayed in an infographic, making it easy to comprehend the organization’s annual statistics at a glance. Furthermore, the layout was created to allow for versions in four different languages, in order to keep the information accessible to all of Somerset West Community Health Centre’s visitors.

The Map:

An important feature of SWCHS’s Annual Report is the service area map. The service area is clearly indicated, to help determine whether one is eligible to use their services, and the map features an easy-to-follow legend to find branch locations and decide which branch to visit. Important streets are labeled clearly and icons were created for recognizable landmarks. The result is a map that is simple, providing all necessary information in a way that is easy to follow, as well as recognizable, using the brand’s colours and guidelines. The map is not only used in the Annual Report, but also on other brochures and on SWCHC’s website. 

Using Format