Spring 2018. It was the beginning of a new season, the weather was getting (slightly) warmer and soon the snow would give way to new buds and blossoms.  Cyan Solutions, an Ottawa marketing agency, wanted to celebrate the joyful dawning of warmer weather. What better way to do that than to prepare some Spring-themed gifts to surprise their most loyal clients with?

The idea was to create imagery that would express the beauty and excitement of Spring, while incorporating Cyan’s brand. The imagery would be used on the gift  tags, so it had to be something delightful and eye-catching but easily recognizable of their brand.

The result is a light, blooming, floral illustration, with vines and blossoms entangled and intertwined with Cyan Solutions’ logo. A light cyan colour is used for the background, reminiscent of both the brand and a clear, Spring sky. A cheerful, optimistic sign of lovelier days ahead!

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